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Category: ICO
Status: Waiting
Withdrawal: Manual
Tracked Investors: 1
Min./Max. Deposit: 15.00 - 250.00
Min. Withdraw: 5.00
Started: 2019-04-15
Monitored: 2019-04-17
Deposited: $140.03
Withdrawn: $97.00

ROI: 69%

69% Complete

Description (Plans):

Welcome to AdvertisingCoin platform. 
AdvertisingCoin (ADVC) is already on the CREX24 exchange, where its value is more than $1.20. 
Each partner received BONUS in the amount of 50 ADVC, and today it is already over $60. 
To get the bonus, you should buy at least a package for $40! 
Profitable partnership program, 7 levels! 
partner bonus is paid within 2-3 hours during business hours. 
The predicted value of the ADVC coin by the end of 2019 is $12. 
The following platforms have already become our partners and will accept our AdvertisingCoin (ADVC) after the end of ICO on their platforms: 
More information can be found on the website. 
Also check out the White paper and Road map. 
Join us in the social networks. 

AdvertisingCoin Team

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